Walking is Working Series


5 years of 35mm photographs documenting Los Angeles's evolving landscape and the effects of gentrification on architecture, housing, real-estate and design.


A large portion of my work is based on picking a direction and putting one foot in front of the other. In someways, taking photos comes secondary to walking and experiencing life on the streets; grabbing a papusa or taco from a street vendor, interacting with the cast of characters that makeup a neighborhood, picking up a beer from a random liquor store, learning about and discovering the many corners of this enormous city.

Like so many artists that have moved to Los Angeles, the city has become my muse. But my experience as a new LA based artist is different than the average transplant. Thanks to my extended family that’s lived here for generations, I’ve been fortunate to see the city from the perspective of native Angelenos.

Walking is Working represents my first body of work to focus on street photography comprised exclusively of material shot in Los Angeles.


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